AUV Buoyancy

Choosing the right buoyancy material is critical to the design and production of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). To operate successfully, AUVs require buoyancy that performs at a range of depths, for extensive periods of time with low power consumption. More-over, considering the sleek design of most AUVs, it must be as compact as possible, while still providing maximum lift. ESS’ low-density syntactic foams are deigned to meet the stringent buoyancy and performance requirements of today’s industry leading AUV applications.

Engineered to withstand long-term cyclic exposure and hydrostatic pressure, especially in the deep ocean, ESS’ high-performance syntactics optimize buoyancy and energy consumption providing long-term operational reliability. Quick-turn buoyancy assemblies can be fully machined to exact customer specifications and include protective skins and coatings for improved impact resistance and reduced water absorption. ESS offers buoyancy for new vehicle construction, vehicle upgrade, modular buoyancy or complete vehicle refurbishment. 




“ESS has extensive knowledge in the area of syntactic materials. We trusted them to develop a buoyancy system that would keep the overall vehicle weight low –
but was durable enough to take the pressure of the operational depth.”

Harry Stants
Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Bluefin Robotics

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“It’s been a genuine pleasure working with ESS because of their professionalism, responsiveness and cooperation – they stand behind their products. They work with customers on special applications and deliver products that meet design and schedule requirements.”

Don Karl
Senior Engineer at Hydroid, Inc.

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