ROV Buoyancy

Buoyancy design and selection are critical to the successful operation of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Low-density syntactic materials make ROVs neutrally buoyant, resistant to hydrostatic pressure and able to explore deeper depths for extended periods of time. In addition, these high-performance materials help to meet the rapidly growing demand to support heavier and more complex payloads while maintaining the vehicle’s compact dimensions.

ESS syntactic foams are designed to provide the highest possible buoyancy and most dependable long-term operational performance from the surface to the ocean floor. Quick-turn buoyancy assemblies can be fully machined to exact customer specifications and include protective skins and coatings as well as inserts for attachment. ESS offers buoyancy for new vehicle construction, vehicle upgrade, add-on buoyancy or complete vehicle refurbishment.





“Foam received – thank you!
We greatly appreciate the extraordinary effort that went into getting this done on time.”

Fred Denton
Mechanical Engineer, Deep Submergence Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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