Case Studies - HOV

As a trusted partner of naval, subsea and oceanographic organizations, ESS has supplied products for some of the most exciting under-sea exploration projects in the last decade. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of undersea environments, ESS syntactics are a critical component for manned and unmanned exploration vehicles, plus a wide array of flotation and buoyancy applications.


Hawkes Challenger

Graham Hawkes “Flies” Under Water in the Deep Flight Challenger – Hawkes Ocean Technology invented Deep Flight Challenger, a winged submersible with the power to revolutionize deep sea travel. ESS contributed a 45-lb/ft3 foam tested to full ocean depth as the buoyancy package for this remarkable vehicle. 


HOV Alvin

Alvin is the most easily identified HOV in the world. Operated by the scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute since 1964, Alvin has made more than 4,600 dives. From 2010-2012, ESS worked closely with WHOI on a system upgrade, supplying over 300 cubic feet of syntactic foam extending Alvin’s working depth from 4500 meters to 6500 meters.