Case Studies - AUV

As a trusted partner of naval, subsea and oceanographic organizations, ESS has supplied products for some of the most exciting under-sea exploration projects in the last decade. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of undersea environments, ESS syntactics are a critical component for manned and unmanned exploration vehicles, plus a wide array of flotation and buoyancy applications.



SeaBotix LBV Recovers Remus AUV in 137 Meters of Water: A Hydroid Remus 600 (one of just two in operation at the time – valued at nearly $1 million) was lost. SeaBotix located and recovered the AUV within two days. SeaBotix Sealift and LBV950 mini ROVs utilize ESS BZ grade syntactic.


Remus 6000 AUVs

Hydroid REMUS 6000 AUVs have been used in the Titanic, Earhart and other major expeditions. The Titanic, Amelia Earhart and Air France 447 search and recovery expeditions all utilized Hydroid REMUS 6000 AUVs containing ESS AZ-34 syntactic foam (successfully tested to 9,000psi). REMUS 6000 vehicles are currently in use in the South Pacific.


Bluefin Artemis 21 AUV

ESS has worked with Bluefin on its range of AUV’s, including the Bluefin 21 recently deployed in the search for missing Malaysia Airline flight 370. ESS provided specially developed syntactic at 30 lbs/ft3 rated to 4500 meters.